Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY: from plain to studs, sparkle & glitter!

Meet Jessica, the girl who transforms plain pieces of clothing into stunning do's !

Here is some of her lovely work! Photos are taken before & after so you can have a good idea of the transformation made.


Jessica wore this blazer with a black straight leg trousers and a plain black top + gold accessories.


This black, one strap sequin dress bought from Tally Weijl, NOW with a one chiffon sleeve. From a party dress to a more elegant outfit!


Jessica added gold sparkles to the heels! Party on! 


This is another plain black dress that Jessica bought from She added two sequinned butterflies (she found little cute kids' head bands and removed the butterfly) then glued it on the shoulders parts of the dress. Not so plain anymore! I love this one!


These are some of the accessories Jessica created. They're made of different kinds of chains and black ribbon + vintage earrings. Black & Gold baby!

All you need is some imagination! 

Love Aly x

Monday, 28 January 2013

one year old blog & social media

Dear Readers,
Here's a short update of what I have been doing lately...

On my very first year anniversary of founding my personal blog, I've decided it's time to launch a facebook page! I've introduced my new logo too which is very exciting!

My new facebook page is: - New fans & friends are welcome to LIKE my page in the meantime I promise you that I will keep the page updated & going for you to enjoy :)

You can find the facebook tab on the blog too! - see left side bar

Don't forget you can follow me on Pinterest as well!

Now that I got the hand of it, I must tell you that once you PIN, you can't stop! That's exactly what happened to me! :) Pinterest added a feature recently whereby you can create your own private board (this means that it will not be visible to your followers)

So girls, get liking, sharing, pinning & following! Until the next post, I wish you a very good start of the week! ;)

Love Aly xx

Friday, 25 January 2013

VS: Alessandra's fantasy bra

The 2.5 million stunningly beautiful bra worn by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio in the 2012 VS fashion show goes on display at the VS store in Bond street, London. This sexy fantasy bra is made up of thousands of gemstones & diamonds! WOW!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

NY fashion week (Oscar de la Renta & VB) + VIP news

Dear Readers,

This week was Fashion week in New York city! Spring/Summer 2013 collections are now out and for us to enjoy and blab about. One that caught the eye was of Oscar de la Renta's which mostly included bright romantic colours. Check out the exclusive vid below:

This is another collection at NY fashion week, by one of my favourites style icon Victoria Beckham, where chic & elegance dominates. For those of you who love statement dresses, you will adore her collection! Victoria was super excited at the end of the show and may I add...little fashionista baby Harper was watching! Here's the runway vid:

London fashion week commenced yesterday 14th September. I will post some reviews about it next week! In the meantime you can go to for live streaming runway and news for all fashion weeks!

Kate Hudson covers next October issue of Harper's Bazaar US. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds got secretly married! It was said that music at the reception was led by Blake's close friend Florence Welch (of Florence + the machine). Blake wore Marchesa, however pictures of the actual dress are not revealed yet. It must have been pretty awesome!

Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima gave birth to a baby girl Sienna. Sienna is the second child for Adriana and her husband and a little sister to Valentina. Congrats!

Rachel Bilson, follows Cheryl Cole's footsteps and launches her shoe collection SHOEMINT with 

Monday, 3 September 2012

A/W 2013 Fashion Trends

Dear Readers, 

Apologies for the lack of posts these past few months, I had an extremely busy Summer, which was exhausting but great too! I must admit I missed blogging! However, I'm back! and just in time to reveal to you and give you an idea of what's in trend for the next Autumn & Winter seasons :) 
I've been around in shops and from what I can see we have some interesting trends coming up next fall.

PEPLUMS - These have been in fashion this Summer but also in the coming cold season, in more darker colours and classical looks. They mostly come on smart / cocktail dresses, skirt suits or can be worn on  slim-fit trousers.

GOTHIC - In the new collections we see a vast range of black leather and velvet pieces mixed together. Studs & Spikes are also very much in fashion. I love these heels, eye-catching! (see photos below)



KNITS - the Winter wonders!


PRINTS & PATTERNS : some examples of polka dots & tiger prints

WEDGE BOOTS - Some of which are an eye-sore (in my opinion) but quite comfy I must admit!

Love Aly xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

accessories: bangles

Dear Readers,

I tend to say that an outfit without accessories is not complete or harsher... a girl without accessories is no girl at all! I honestly don't know how they do it! It's like going to school without a pen to write with or going to gym with no sneakers! Something is missing and definitely not right! 

On the contrary, you should have accessories matching with every outfit you have in your wardrobe, be it casual or elegant. And by saying 'matching' it does not mean print to print or colour to colour! That's boring!

Add that extra spark to your look & be creative! 

There are various types & zillions ideas for accessories so I've decided to post them separately :) This is part one: BANGLES!

Check out some photos I've compiled for you just to have an idea ;)

Love Aly xx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Care for your skin this (and every) Summer!

Dear Readers, 
The sun is out and the days are getting hotter and hotter. When I wake-up to this kind of weather the first thing that comes to my mind is: ''beach! to get some tan!'' and I'm sure most of you do the same ;) However, along with the Summer weather come high humidity levels, frequent sun exposure and outdoor activities that increase our risks of skin cancer and other common conditions such as acne, dry skin and sunburn. The latter can be easily prevented with a bit of extra time and effort during our normal skin care routine.

Here are some easy steps you can follow on a daily basis:

Step 1
Wash your skin twice daily (more often if you become sweaty) with a mild soap and warm water to remove perspiration and prevent body odour and acne breakouts. Avoid bathing in very hot water, as this will increase dryness and skin irritation.

Step 2
Exfoliate with a fine-grained exfoliant or sponge two to three times each week to remove dead skin cells, prevent clogged pores and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs caused by frequent Summer shaving.

Step 3
Use a good cleanser to prevent clogged pores and acne, a problem that is more common during the summer due to increased oil production by the skin. Removing make-up and use skin care products before going to bed.

Step 4
Wear sunscreen SPF 30+ anytime you step outside, to prevent sunburn and reduce your risk of premature ageing, pigmentation and skin cancer. 

Step 5
Prevent peeling from sunburn by taking a cool shower as soon as you come indoors and then applying aloe vera or a moisturising lotion to burned skin.

Step 6
Keep your skin moist by rinsing chlorine and saltwater off your skin after swimming, using a daily moisturising ointment and wearing natural fabrics to encourage air circulation against your skin.

Step 7
Change wet clothes promptly and wear antiperspirant to prevent skin irritation and control sweating during hot summer months. 

Love Aly xx