Monday, 26 March 2012

casual combos

C A S U A L is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity. Blue jeans and a T-shirt have been described as the "casual uniform" BUT nowadays we all know that it goes far beyond this.  Pop diva Madonna introduced a great deal of lace, jewelry, and cosmetics into casual wear during the 1980s !! :)
A lady wants to look chic yet comfortable in what she wears in her daily schedule.  Nowadays, the casual look is elaborated with jewelry and luxurious materials, add an oversized clutch bag & wedges... and we’re good to go! ;)

Here are some casual combos to give you an idea of what you can wear to be comfy & stylish at the same time. Very ideal for this time of year...! Love the combinations & colours !! Pay attention to the accessory add-ons ;)

floral straight pants & tee

light yellow blouse + white pants + stripy heels

teal plated dress + brown country boots + white denim jacket

black & gold + black nail polish + flat sandals

denim trousers + floral print vest & striped cardigan - bright orange touch

beige, browns & light pink + printed bag

the wedge espadrilles

denim + printed top

the smart-casual  - navy shift dress

teal short pants, plain white top + browns

the oversized satchel, country boots + white short pants

the comfy flat pumps + light pink & grey

Love Aly xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trend Alert! + new collections in stores

TREND ALERT !! This Summer must-haves: Espadrilles

the earthier alter-ego of the more refined wedge sandal has made a dramatic come-back. With its raw, unfinished edges looking appropriately trendy paired with spring’s bold and breezy wardrobe; so snap up a pair or ten to take summery strides in! 

for men

The sun is shining & we need a change of clothes and a new wardrobe!! :) New Spring/Summer collections are hitting our fav shops so make sure to pay them a visit some time soon :)

Here's a summary guide of what's new in our local stores! Also, you can have a good idea of what's in trend in the coming season!

BENETTON - SISLEY - PLAYLIFE - colours & more bright colours! checked shirts, wide & narrow stripes


BERSHKA - floral & patterned dresses

NEW LOOK - A new flagship store in Fgura now open! Collection ranges from bright coloured pants to short floral dresses & popular wedges!




Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook (behind the scenes)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cover Girls (like you've never seen before)

Hey there girls!

Today, I've decided to be a little more fun & lessen the writing :) I've picked out some of the popular fashion magazines featuring the latest cover girls BUT with a Disney twist. I'm sure you're all familiar with these girls! I came across these Disney characters via pinterest and they've put a nostalgic smile on my face. Hope you will too! :)

(make sure to read the small details on the Disney covers - so sweet!)

Wishing you a great weekend! ;)

Love Aly xx