Monday, 9 April 2012

10 SECRETS of an ideal wardrobe

1. The higher the heels the better! (heels give you diversity - high heels can suit anything from formal suit to casual denim outfit)

2. Size and fit are important (pay attention to the balance of your figure & proportions)

3. Classic rocks! (Trench coat - Leather jacket - Little black dress- Neutral colored shirts and t-shirts: It’s always good to have them!)

4. Play with colour! (DON’T fill up your closet with pieces of total black color! Be Vibrant!)

5. Invest into basic things first. (Brooch, scarf…accessories!) 

6. Find a perfect-fitting pair of jeans (focus on a good pair!)

7. Be careful with vintage clothes  (the older the piece the more different the size measurement & proportions are. So, you need to try everything)

8. Make your imagination fly. (Experiment with belts because they can change the silhouette. Don’t forget about brooches, scarves, kerchiefs and other stuff)

9. Don’t make fuss. (Usually we decide on buying a piece within 3 first seconds from the moment we see it. It’s too little. Take your time!)

10. Break rules! (Make an accent on something that will show your inventiveness!)

Love Aly xx

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