Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Colour your Wardrobe!

Spring is almost here !! :) Isn't it a nice warm feeling?
...and you'll know when Spring & Summer seasons are approaching when the bright colours in shop windows catch your eyes. From cute mini dresses, chic blouses and casual wedges to bags & accessories!

Make sure you purchase a variety of bright pieces this Spring...colour your wardrobe, be creative, different & fun! ;)

Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2012:

#1: Caramel Colors.  including cream, light pink, coral, peach and banana –You can wear them separately or together, in combination with brighter tones or pastels.

#2: Orange. Orange is a great hit of Spring/ Summer 2012 season. It comes everywhere and on everything – dresses, shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses… Brighten up your outfit!

#3: White.  Total white look is one of the hottest trends, as it is always! Try delicate lace or pleats for a more feminine look or go for a straighter or more elegant silhouette.

#4: Fuchsia. Looks amazing!

#5: Black. The all time favourite.

#6: Black and white. The combination of two neutral colors is also neutral but it is smart and elegant as well.

#7: Yellow.  From pale yellow to bright lemon

#8: Nude. Nude hue is one of the best in a color palette because of its versatility. It can be combined with everything and never looks vulgar or plain.

#9: Red.  It differs in shades from scorching red to paler and lovelier tones.

#10: Blue. Blue is presented in a huge variety of tones. There is electric blue which is almost eye-hurting, deep dark blue which looks very noble, aquamarine blue and turquoise and even very light blue.

Love Aly xx

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