Monday, 13 February 2012


Every girl loves shopping for clothes! Who doesn't?! And isn't it comfy to shop for the things you love from your own happy bed or sitting relaxed on the sofa in front of a warm fireplace? Although, I must admit sometimes I miss the retail experience in malls on a Saturday morning, places invaded with busy shoppers looking for stylish pieces to fill their wardrobes with! 

In today's blog I'm pointing out some useful & popular online websites for you girls, although some of which you might be already familiar with ;) So, switch on your netbooks and let's do some shopping!!!!! :) Oh! Don't forget to top up your visas first! ;)

#1 ASOS @  -  the most popular worldwide online shopping link, moderate prices, from casual clothing to sexy mini dresses!

#2 BOOHOO @ - cheap prices, casual & chic clothing!

#3 LIPSY @  - for the sexy or elegant party dress on your special night out!

#4 MISSGUIDED @ - more like boohoo & asos - luv this!

#5 DESIRE CLOTHING @ - more like boohoo - cheap prices too!

#6 MISS PATINA @ - vintage inspired, lovely selection of tea party dresses! 

#7 JOHN AND GINGER @ - this is not a fashion website, however I find this  very useful myself! Vast selection of international brands worldwide, from perfumes to skin products, to natural / aromatherapy products and make-up. Prices are rather cheaper than local buys.

I hope you find these links useful, if you have some websites that you would like to share with me I would be happy to know, so leave a comment below :) 

Happy Shopping!! :) Love Aly xx


  1. A very useful blog aly!!! Well-done! Keep it up!! xxx