Monday, 21 May 2012

Boho style: head scarves

Dear Readers, 

I am currently obsessed with boho style aka bohemian (In modern usage bohemian is usually applied to people who lead artistic lives), sort of hippie-chics. It reflects a certain kind of lifestyle...romantic and free-spirited. 

Boho's most popular accessorize are the head scarves which are so in fashion and way too cool! Scarves vary from colourful prints, floral, polka dots & many more!

Here is a head-scarf tutorial ! Go ahead & try it out :)

Click here for simple 'how to do' steps Turban Tutorial

Make sure to try out this boho look this Spring! :)

Love Aly xx


  1. This is so Cool! I'm simply in love with the idea <3 another well done for an amazing blog! xoxo

    1. Thanks alot! Much appreciated!! :) Keep following Xx

  2. Do they suit everyone or one has to have a particular style/ face shape and features? Thanks :)

    1. Good question! :) But not really no, then it depends on how you style your hair.
      For example, if one has a seemingly wide forehead and think that a fringe suits better then go for the look in photo no.1 (with the fringe on the side). If on the otherhand, one has a petite face structure, go for the look in photo no.3!
      Follow the tutorial 'HOW TO' steps above & let me know how it goes! :)
      Hope this helps Xx