Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's bikini season!

Dear Readers,
Cold days are over and it's bikini season! :) I tend to buy new styles every Summer (even though last Summer's bikinis are practically brand new!) So take it that I'll soon be going around to shop for a new swimsuit it's good to know the top trends for this coming hot hot season :)

Trend #1: Prints
All kinds of prints will look amazing on swimsuits. But florals, wild and tribal prints as well as geometrical ones will be hotter than ever. 

Trend #2: One-shoulder
Just like dresses, swimsuits in the same style will keep appearing in both exclusive designer collections and ranges of more affordable brands.

Trend #3: Cut out
Cut out bathing suits are very sexy which makes them incredibly popular with girls seeking attention or those who have perfect bodies and are not afraid to demonstrate them.

Trend #4: Sequins
If you love sparkling clothes you might as much get attracted to shining swimwear pieces which will be a hit on the beach this season. Sequins will be everywhere, in all colors, complemented with beading, crystals and embroidery.

Trend #5: Monotone
Monotone bikinis will always be among favorites with women. During Spring/ Summer 2012 season pastel tones, orange and white hues will dominate. Look for pieces with interesting details to avoid looking boring on the beach.

Trend #6: Retro
Retro is again in fashion. You can wear a retro-inspired bikini or a one-piece suit.

Trend #7: Ruffles
Ruffles have been everywhere on the runway which explains why there are so many of them in swimsuit fashion. They look sweet. But stay away if you want to look slimmer, especially in the hip area.

Trend #8: Bandeau
Bandeau bikinis look amazing on women with small breast. To someone with a fuller bust: avoid! Support is not what bandeau top can promise you. This is a hot trend but be wise and think twice before you decide to wear it.

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Love Aly xx


  1. Will definitely buy a bandeau bikini this summer cos of my small cup size preferably red with polka dots !

    Thanks for the tip, & love your blog xo

  2. Interesting post :) Just a note but, there are bandeau styles for a fuller bust, asos have some which come up to F Cup and band size as low as 30. One needs to know the right size for the perfect fit, I just got one and it's perfect ;)

    Keep on posting ;) xxx

  3. Thank you means alot! :)

    To Den: Good to know! thanks for the note! :) ASOS have some nice swimwear! Will definitely check it out :)
    Thanks & Keep following!