Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spring/Summer 2012: A Sneak Peak!

Hey there girls!

I know it's a bit early to start preparing our Summer wardrobe BUT... I'm super doooper excited to share with you the trend report for the HOT season!! :) Sooo many bright colours and patterns!! wooo! :)
Let's take a short look at the trends for Spring/Summer 2012! xx

1. Cropped Tops - These are coming very trendy so make sure your tummy is perfect.

2. Bra Tops - More revealing & tempting! Bra tops will be hotter as ever!

3. Hot Pants - The Summer must-haves! They come in denim, leather, low / high-waisted, tight-fitted!

4. Floral Print - Back once again!

5. Asymmetrical Hemlines - Not only dresses! we also see skirts & jackets cut in the most amazing way possible

6. Animal Prints - (Hmm, this is a tricky one!) The prints designers are using for their collections are different from those we normally see. Take for example the leopard print, it comes in a variety of colours & has become more smaller & delicate. Trendy animal prints for next season are lizards, cats & birds!

7. Black & White - the most traditional combination of colours! Elegant every time.

8. Boat Neck - Although it doesn't show cleavage, boat necks define the beauty of the shoulders.

9. Fringe Dresses

10. Lace Dresses - Sexy!

11. One shoulder dresses

12. Pleats

13. Sheer Clothing

14. Total White - The all rounder!

15. Wide Shorts

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