Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winter Warmers

It’s freezing!! Why is Winter this bitter? If you’re going to school or heading to work make sure you wear tons of clothes! Believe me it’s still not enough!

At night, when I’m in bed I twist and turn and find it impossible to sleep...cold fingers, icy toes...even when i’m wearing 2 pairs of woolen bed socks for all I know! :(

When you’re cosy at home in your pj’s put on a robe, wear woolen socks (natural wool or cotton socks) and if your feet are still cold, try a foot spa! (Don’t warm them up too quickly! such as with a hot-water bottle or against a radiator -you could end up with chilblains!) 
The most effective way is bathing your feet in warm water or using a foot spa. This will warm up your feet slowly and naturally.

Make yourself a tasty hot chocolate (chocolate gives you energy! ;)

OR on a healthier side try hot water, lemon & ginger! A great Winter warmer!  

If you're going to brave the Winter chills you need a wardrobe full of the most fashionable cosy knits, comfy boots, woolly hats, beanies, cute ear muffs, colourful scarves, coats, jackets & gloves! Yes! It’s possible to look stylish &  feel comfy at the same time! ;)

Here is my selection to keep you warm this winter:

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