Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

Happy New Year 2012 & A warm fashionable welcome to my blog!

I've created this blog dedicated to my passion for fashion! Like most of the girls, I love to shop till I drop, read interesting articles about VIPs, models, catwalk vids & photoshoots... So I thought why not share these with you? :) I will post useful wardrobe tips, do's and don'ts, hollywood gossip, healthy daily routines - everything related to a girl's world!

I hope you like the page & find my tips interesting for you & your friends ;)

Your comments & feedback are greatly appreciated!

Love Aly x


  1. welcome to the bloggers world :D

    u have a new follower now :) (i have the honour to be the first to comment on ur new blog :))

    chanel x x

  2. I am so pleased to have you as one of my followers! Thank you so much :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Aly x

  3. I'll be following this blog for sure.... sounds interesting... this is what girlz love ;)

    Good Luck dear xxx

    Jessica :)

  4. Thank you Jessica! :) Keep following xxx

  5. Interesting blog Aly! Really like it :) Keep it up and good luck!
    Lara F.

  6. Thank you Lara! :) Much appreciated! xxx